No2. How No One Knows


When young all seems comprehensible, the world we live in is circumscribed by our knowledge and the less we know the more we seem to know. But we are so attractive  and direct. My experiences with art schools were not good, I had hoped for more, but maybe I was deluded. I'd been in an art program in high school that had been pretty cool as far as exposing us to culture. I had a regular visit to the Art Institute of Chicago every week  which sealed the deal for me studying art. It was an escape from the dreary work as I found it into a picture world, a sort of alternative version of life.

And in someways art school was another viewpoint on the same facts. But not enough solid thought, it seemed like the same timidity that reigned supreme in the so called real world dominated the arts, alot of whatever had been before a sort of worship of tradition. Late abstract expressionism was giving was to pop and op art.

A sort of banal battle between followers of different nihilisms, I preferred pop to AE, I just thought the older movement was over finished whilst pop seemed to be the new standard  and pop was just ours.