May 6, 2024


Dear friends , I am in the middle of changing my email address for the first time in many years , it is also associated with my web site which is going to have to have a new address as well. The company I had been using was swallowed by a bigger company and now the price for my ISP is 10 times higher than it was. Apparently this is not unusual in the digital world , for many years I used the web ID to network with the contributors to the various #artpolicecomics projects zines and exhibitions . So this is apt to be a clumsy transition because I will be using a gmail address that already has variants. Why the WWW became such a mess I don’t know save that the big platforms are fighting for the same accounts. The FTC is in court trying to reduce GOOGLE search to create more fairness in marketplace but it may just creat more chaos. Whatever changes are coming one thing is for sure it will not change the essential nature and vulnerabilities of the net because so many bad actors are out there hacking.

 My new email address is ( use contact form on this website )   if you send me your address I will input it into my gmail. But I will still be using the several platforms that I have been using for many years. But everything will slowly migrate to gmail. How important this may prove to be I can not say, seems like the amount of communication has been reduced as the platforms have mutated . Since I often used various outlets I am not certain how this will play out. I use Facebook and Instagram almost everyday but the accounts are bifurcated because of my hospitalizations and opening new accounts when older ones were difficult to access. I am sure this is almost normal given the rapid developments in digital age. Anyway stay tuned not sure how to do this but I trust I will not become completely invisible . 

Otherwise things remain the same my cancer hasn’t killed me yet but I am diminished by the struggle to keep after the various treatments and side effects. The kidney disease also seems to require more attention and watching, I am 79 years old and my body seems older than my mind and my creative desires. I work slower but I do work nearly everyday. I think I am still finding new sensations , new ideas as I work and new ways to combine images and forms, colors and language. I am pretty happy with where my work ha s taken me. So this digital change may be more of a mechanical sort of problem which in time will be dealt with, part of me just wishes it wasn’t this way but I was a futurist as a kid, I wanted to see what was going to be and now I have lived long enough to realize that the future is just as much of a tangle as was the world I grew up in, For me art has always been the only thing that really made me feel engaged and present as a human the sort of communication I prefer if feeling preceding reason, that is allowing for experimental projects to try to break out of patterns that become traps into more surprising results . No risk no gain today and forever

. Note to WebMaster go ahead and edit any other material that you think might compromise security) .