July 4 , 2015


Portrait of Noah Harmon a young artist who asked to pose. Pam's portrait of Noah is still unfinished often we do not finish simultaneously.I haven't been blogging very much but I've thought about what I might write about if I were not writing in a linear Tele Novella style like discourse like  Socrates. Linear writing is very useful but in poetry and novels what all you have reach for ever more explicit ways to say the same things over and over. In a film by Coucteau a poet who has a writer's block listens to random utterances on a car radio in a garage looking for inspiration as if the broken radio were Circe.

 When I wrote for money I mostly did short pieces . Like a relief pitcher in the review section. I like writng ok but it is a lot of work to do it just so. For me luck is the main ingredient I just have to find a beat a sort of song in one's thoughts. Sometimes though my blogs are like "I Remember Mama", tales from life embrodiered into fables and ideas. Remembering is good as far as it goes (which is pretty deep into our consciousness) but the touch of lips in a kiss is different every time you kiss. Actual experience is the measuring stick for reality. My spouse Pamela Gaard is showing her portraits at the Hennepin History Museum which is on Third Ave South near The Institute of Arts. The opening was quite a lovely affair with friends and old acquaintences. (www.hennepinhistorymuseum.org) the installation of 60 portraits of Pamela's is very intense, the color at such close quarters is electric. The variety of subjects and styles and approaches, it's like an encyclopediac display of portraits all in the same scale over 8 years of figuring out the process both from life and photography. The portraits are up til September 13 ,I have couple up in double portrait form where we show both of our portraits from a simultaneous sitting. It's a quirky little spot to see fresh art by a living artist near MIA and Eat Street. A little shot of color never hurt anybody and this show is the whole box of crayolas.

jpg. Mary Twice by Frank and Pamela Gaard 2015  @ hhm.org