How Joseph Beuys stole my blackboard and his people sold it for a million dollars


How Joseph Beuys ex-Hitler Youth stole my blackboard and sold it for a million dollars.The artschool could have used the million dollars but they didn't even get to dip their beak in this sale , Beuys business practices were very Tuetonic {SP>?} German.The  Arab guy at the Dairy Store says Frank what nationality are you? I say my father was born in Norway and he says You're German . This is the Arab view.

Why I don't  accept the old world order where the Germans counted money and invested in armaments. And we put out all the fires until Viet Nam  where we lost big time. Politics matter maybe more for yesterdays radicals, draft dodgers like me and my father before me , Hell No I Won't Go ! So Beuys comes to art school and uses the whiteboard I use teaching later they move it to Dayton's Gallery 12 downtown Minneapolis - some time later (these events are in 1974) the whiteboard is sold and purchased for a million dollars, which apparently was the settled price for Beuys blackboards with scribbles by the maestro. // So - this ethnic viewpoint I see through like a veil but it helps me appreciate how weird my thinking is. Ethnics see through the prism of their tribe. When Peter was in Denmark he said nobody hated the Swedes, but my futter says the Swedes made steel for Hitlers war whilst the Norwegians were invaded . So I don't like Claus Oldenburg the Swedish Ambassador's son and 60's soft sculpture maker. Also classcism how about an art magazine just for rich artists?insufferable all the wealthy artists will still die , you can't buy another life. Maybe success is a posthumous affair, and maybe success is on the way out to be replaced by the welfare state? The Artpolice Comics were published just after the Beuys visit, I mention the visit in my cartoon ( the original drawing for the cartoon in the Artpolice is in the collection of ). But that's further on for now resume Hating NAZIS - Nixon  - that's who Beuys reminded me of Nixon cold war - Nobodies rich ( Ther rich Done Hid demselves in da woods)