Dream Blog- Always Daydreaming as I walk to get the newspapers.


Pics in reverse order- Man Bag zine, cover Kalypso in black andWhite 2. Pollock pink version from Walker Art Center calendar Feb. 2012

3. Jpg also walkerart.org Pollock endorsement of FRANK GAARD. $. The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art - 2017 Divus/London/Prague/Berlin.

5. Kalypso - 1992 oil on canvas  Collection of miaart.org Minneapolis Institute of Art / Contemporary Art

 My dreams can be very unsetting often the element of terror and anxiety at high pitch. I awaken to escape from nightmares.

 Kalypso the siren who kept Ulises on her island for 8 years. Penelope worked on her tapestry whilst the suitors gathered in the Palace of Ulises.

 Portrait shows namesake offspring after fucking Cyclops.