Dirty Pictures


The first iteration of my web site was full of sexual images, while this new version contains fewer sexual images this material goes back to the lil' magazine MANĀ BAG thatĀ  my partner Stu Mead and I produced in the late 1990's. Man Bag was an underground success and it helped us both to have a bit more paint and food.The European audience was esspecially appreciative of the Man Bag's kinkiness and it's attitude which was very profoundly anti politically correct. Good sex art should definitely get your attention.It's impossible for me to do a web site without including sexual material (some of which is already in art museums), Monet had his waterlilies and I have my panties and dicks. I see no harm in sexual images particularly drawings and paintings. Also the issue of artfulness, I have always tried to make beautiful things, I have a gift for drawing and painting which I apply to all my work. Desire drives us we just have different things in mind.What's been striking to me is to find more freedom of expression out side the USA, The Germans and French seem particularly hungry for an Amerikan underground art and that seems to have been what we have provided, a sort of freedom and risk for the sake of pleasure and experimentation and entertainment. So enjoy the work with the idea in mind that it's meant to give the viewer pleasure and food for thought.