Darsi Pays A Call


 Sammy the web master (son) of fearless leader Francus G. Nice to hear his voice.

I should write to Philippe he's always happy when I'm happy and success comes a donut at a time. Kathy said nice, it was the first sentence, she wishes me nothing but success, she's one of my best acquantences. So I contacted Artpolice contributors but it's a bigger more complex task because  after 16 years where is anyone? Chris Woodward boy has he vanished. Saw Ed Rath a couple years back and he wasn't very friendly. His wife died and I think he's unhappy about it. He was a key figure in the early years of Artpolice even after he went to New York he remained active. Fritz Wolfmeyer last I heard he was in Wisconsin near his home turf. Andy Baird lives on Southside owns a home seen him once by accident at MIA he was very nice he's still Andy only less intense. Joe McDonnell I saw recently with his little daughter Rosa pale as Chinese white. Quiet too, but intellectually curious some timidity. Karcher I write now and then. I broke off with Mike Brehm some years ago. It's also so what? My son Peter stood and laughed at the Artpolice pages in the In Numbers book. I think the chapter and pics brought back alot of childhood Artpolice memories, the characters the antics. It made lil' Pete happy for a moment a divertimeto.

The Walker came to measure and prepare to take work to the museum for examination by the curatoris maximus. At least I begin to see what Darsi wants. It's a nice group of works I'm hoping the 2nd pony painting is taken. And 2 more notebooks (this started with Philippe wanting to acquire 34 notebooks.). It's hard to sell art, mine especially because it's very unusual. But this WAC sale will really increase their holdings in my art. That's good, I mean a dog got my best portrait (in NY) so my luck has to change, or rather it has already changed. Someone will want my original Artpolice drawings, non?