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The Speedboat Gallery was a storefront space and a very large basement . Paul Dickinson and Scott Dolan were in the space with several other people including Frightwig Hayes the lady in the band and of course Mike Mc Coy who had his little Datsun truck which brought Minneapolis art to St Paul . .. The concerts in the basement paid most expenses for the gallery later the coffee shop was paying for the gallery. Paul had a dream and for a while we enjoyed that dream together. Some extraordinary art shows and installations took place at Speedboat Gallery. Bruce Tapola did one show that really was like a great experience as a place and as a work of sculpture installation and thought critical thought about what you can do with a space to make it sacred and haunted both. Haunted by a vibe that had been distorting music and culture then about the brokeness of our old systems of belief and how we had to make due with the world as we found it. The thing was the gallery kind of developed to a pitch at the end of it's run it was doing it's best shows. It was a rough space lightwise but it had an audience of course it was very young at times punk rockers with training wheels. But that was also exciting and very cross generational. The bands were many times hardly older than the audiences. And the combination of art and music really made the gallery fun and entertaining. Galleries now could learn something about art and music by using venues for both, sound helps people find their way to a space can be a great attraction to get peeps to a venue.   - more later -

jpg above at Co-Exhibitions 2011 Best and Worst of Franky Gaard  wall of double portraits (with Pamela Gaard) Kate Iverson curator