Curator blog Part 5. or 4.1


When Love Turns To Poison was a title I gave a show with my friend and co-laborator Stu Mead. The show was criticised but the title is great and I suspect the show was very cool. In Berlin in 2004 (?) I maybe a curator but I'm not a historian. New pc still getting used to speed and complexity of this machine. Stu Mead and I made little magazines and books together. Some very disturbing but also brutally true thoughts and images regards the limits of aesthetic inquiry, when your crossing into the criminal area. Like Lolita or lil' Stuartina a character in our book Man Bag. Curatorial work can be rather janitorial in many instances. At the at time I designed a billboard for the Walker Art Center , I had a tiny studio and I miscalculated the horizontal dimension of the billboard by a chunk.. It was ok, it just was so weird to see the painting big and huge in the sky.

     to be continued