This Could Be My Last Blog


I have a new painting nearly done (I'm supposing) thinking about a photo with tripod I have no sun right now crucial to my color  even as photographs. I haven't been writing much in my blog lately, losing faith that their is anyone out there reading blogs. One of the best art writers I know says she doesn't read blogs, this was a few years ago but she's usually true to her positions on things. I don't read blogs much but I read it if it has my pictures in it! Reading is a huge thing for painters whose work tends to be labor-intensive like mine. My list of things I'd love to read is huge. Deep readings like I did in my professor days ended when the gig was unraveling at the art school. But once you read your Wittgenstein you just live life differently. Philosophy isn't just theory it's a manner of living like Wittgenstein's spare logic and his statement that metaphsics is outside this life outside of our language.Things we can not say things when they are outside language. Meaning requires an agreement between two beings on a proposition .

Of course I wish I could make more money (blogs have not made me a dime). I used to at least be able to write for food (Artpaper). Reminds me of a story - See blogs are sort of formless. When you are paid to write it's much more concise 300 words for short reviews (1992) and the editor  everyone I ever met were  writers of genius. So I have BLOG DOUBT though I do think it got me to write more  albeit giving up time for other pursuits( like reading Madame Bovary).

 A book I've already written many times over but under a hundred different covers  so many fucking letters.  A habit I've been slowing weaning myself of .... Hopefully the  editor ( posthumous  )   will find enough to fill a small city photo book of yore. Whatever I'm not going to start a newsletter and lose track of all the Volume and Issue numbers.. No I'm not regular enough a writer or an artist to fit into this world very comfortably, I'm from poor drunk and insane people ( as is said- hardworking), yet I'm here which means little miracles are possible for humans, that we can live through some truely evil horrors and still like Polar Bears and little babies. We never forget but we move ahead. So I'll get a photo of this painting soon and post it on web sight.

jpgs on this blog - studio photo of two recent portraits  Monica - Brandy& Jake / 2nd picture close-up of bride and groom 2014