Cold Rain and Keats


Saw the new Keats movie really seemed like the Fanny movie but that's Jane Campion always giving the woman's viewpoint.Point here being the necessity of language skills for visual artists.After years of studying Nietzsche I found poetry. I remember thinking it had an economy that escaped most art forms. As well poetry seemed to speak to many of the same issues as philosophy and art. The Keats film is heavy on the relationship with Fanny and the vicissitudes of romance in the 19th century. What came through was the visual cues from Keats poems, a distinct sense of the beauty of nature and the magical realm of romantic love. When an artist achieves a sort of universality in outlook the results usually inspire us move us towards more noble desires. The film captures a view of nature rarely seen in art and it's making art and nature equals indeed nature becomes a character in the film as nature often appears in Keats not as a background but rather as the bower we dwell within. A scene in the film I found powerful and sensitive both was Keats spreading out at the top of a blossoming tree as if he was flying, it was one of the most original images I've seen on film. And it captures Keats allure, his view of nature and culture blended. I've felt a kinship between film and painting and the sort of language we find in poetry also seems to share a kinship with painting.