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Sigmar Polke - Faith Hill

from notebook and xerox and transfer the blue is pencil - 11X14" for my friend Kathy Halbreich @MoMA and for Sigmar Polke - for sale - 2015 notebooks start at $9999. pages - really cool pages $1000 each

See Ya Thursday - Jackson Pollock

Men Beg - Stu Mead cover - 20011

Men Beg Logo published 2011 by le dernier cri Marseille Fr. by Pakiti Bolino with Stu Mead

Notebook page Mead and model



Notebook Nutlicker Studies 1994 Man Bag



Sperms from notebook



Notebook Page The Brow



Notebook fragment Man Bags

Shoe from 1992 notebook

Bullshit Memorial Delayed


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