I Did Teach 1969-87

I did teach, I became very disillusioned with art schools. I had a handful of creative teachers in almost 6 years of  my so-called higher education. I can think of only 2 teachers who were helpful. During the time I was teaching I felt that I was out of step, that it was as blind leading the blind proposition. Thing was though that the 1970's were very exciting times for intellectuals,Foucault was being published in English.

So Many Portraits

The portraits are the largest category and they do not record all the pictures,some just vanished, some were sold before they were photographed an accurate accounting may never exist.The quality of the jpgs vary many are not good save as a documentary item. Some of the earliest portraits are on transparencies.

Dirty Pictures

The first iteration of my web site was full of sexual images, while this new version contains fewer sexual images this material goes back to the lil' magazine MAN BAG that  my partner Stu Mead and I produced in the late 1990's. Man Bag was an underground success and it helped us both to have a bit more paint and food.The European audience was esspecially appreciative of the Man Bag's kinkiness and it's attitude which was very profoundly anti politically correct.

You Can Never See Everything

This site is a look at what I have on jpgs, it's far from everything I've made, it's more contemporary but alot of important works are absent. My work seems to divide between early and later and the digital technology did'nt exist until recent times. I only say this as a sort of warning that you are'nt getting the whole picture.And because I make so many things it should be noted that this collection represents a sample albeit depthful but still it's quite a load.


No2. How No One Knows

When young all seems comprehensible, the world we live in is circumscribed by our knowledge and the less we know the more we seem to know. But we are so attractive  and direct. My experiences with art schools were not good, I had hoped for more, but maybe I was deluded. I'd been in an art program in high school that had been pretty cool as far as exposing us to culture. I had a regular visit to the Art Institute of Chicago every week  which sealed the deal for me studying art.

New site thanks to Sam

Sam moved to Boulder Colorado with his companion Sara this week leaving me to keep our new web site running smoothly. Sam has been very generous in helping me have a web presence for my art.

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