Older portraits from 35mm transparencies


  These 5 portraits are from 35mm slides which I scanned to make into sort hybrid Jpegs. Left to right - Julie early 1990's blue dress / orange brown hair/ wire spectacles We made several portraits over time . Julie is a writer and a poet. Next Denise G.; This portrait of Denise is one of several produced in 1998-9 for Portrait Exhibition at Minneapolis Institute of Arts 1999. Tank top long face Man Bag on black tank top (looks nothing like the model maybe the hair do). Next -Portrait of Megan O. (from photo) green and white sports jacket. yellow face purple lips 1989-90 (?) Next -  Barbara B. Megan;s room mate, 1990 double portrait with pennies glued on the background. This was when I was still searching for a form, a way to make the portraits mine. This was a big step because I was moving away from collage and back towards a more spare use of the technique as here with the pennies. The lower longer face very painted odd dirty violet pink blush to blue like Austrian painter Egon Schiele. Final portrait in this set is agaion Denise G. posing in a Playboy Bunny costume for a painting she wanted made for her father who was a big Playboy fan. This is either from a drawing made from a photo  or from life most likely from life. We did a more formal portrait from one of the snapshots we took at the session.  But I like this piece the mood and it's sort more what I thought the form would be of the portraits as time passed. I wanted the color the mood and the size / scale to grab people slow down their gazes that is the gazes of those who look at the portraits in this short attention span universe we inhabit.