Last Things (Don Giovanni 3rd act)


If life is but a dream then art is the reality show?  A movie made of still pictures. Don't ask me you'll get a binary response, I'm just too French in the mind for these midwestweners, spawn of the hayseed hippies. No ambition here save to prosper but always at the expense of someone else's cheap labor. The institutions prosper continue to thrive and exist indeed this is a great town for art if your a museum or arts foundation. But commercial galleries fail, DIY galleries fail but never the big box art museums. How could this state of affairs change?

 First the museums need get bigger, but as European style organisations, big shows lots of them no collecting . These art halls would be under the wings of existing art museums as temporary galleries with simple large spaces and more content from region meaning not big things on airplanes from Europe and Asia but from the neighborhood. Chicago , Montreal , St Paul  Detroit, etc.  I think the original version of PS1 in Queens was very much on this European Kunsthall paradigm. The museums could buy from these shows but the point is more space for more shows. Which would open up the scene expose more of the art here and about, not store windows but rather a big box kunsthall on the green space next to the Walker (?) .  This would be done in a cost effective manner not like a luxury billion dollar sports stadium for a man convicted of fraud. It  would be temporary architecture  as the circus tent once was a standard for temporary shows under a big top. I've been lucky I've several big shows in very large galleries and I'd like to see more big shows, it's something that could make us even more original, a venue as big as a K-Mart right here in river city..