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I Toil in The Vineyards of Lost Forms

 The photo of my installation at Walker is the first photo I've seen of the entire piece. I worked on it with considerable assistance for a week and I think the impression it makes is very positive. Albeit a bit architectonic given the room and it's Swiss authors. But hey I love architecture part of the fun of going to art school in Chicago was the amazing buildings. Thing is working that big reminded me how great it is to work really extra large.

Opens Tonite Frank Gaard / Poison and Candy

   Jpg. Photo of corner of portrait wall from Twitter feed Walker Art Center January 26, 2012

   Tired but I think it's something spectacular and still grounded in our hard times , it's taking nothing

  and making something. Gold from dross matter, it's the sort of alchemy that is often practiced in hopes

 of food money. Betsy Carpenter (the curator designing my exhibition at WAC ) has included a thesis

Mary Abbe ,Betsy Carpenter , Strib photo, WAC registrar, my wife Pam two dogs and me.

  The much dreaded art writer for the Minneapolis StarTribune visited my place today and I'm alive to write about it.

  Actually now that we are both quite old I suspect we are able to tolerant one another. Though my friends in New

  York have nothing good to say about Mary!! But it's like in a 12 Step Program change what you can and know

 what you can't change ie. final outcomes.  If I ran the schools the sign on the wall would say --

 Drinking Alcohol KILLS BRAIN CELLS .   

We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place

 God bless Rihanna! I recall some advertising copy for a book by Simon Reynolds to wit < Pop or a better world you can't have both> it stuck in my mind for several years now . As for Americans pop does seem the choice, besides how would make this world better? Meanwhile pop music gives us pleasure and food for thought, maybe not the best food but something to chew on. The domination of pop by Hip Hop is amazing given where it started not too long ago.

Old News in New Bottle

  My taste for blogging has waned of late, however I do want to send everyone the latest on my survey show coming next month at Walker Art Center. I found the new calendar magazine at the museum Saturday with my pony painting on the cover, that made me very happy. The print job is so beautiful best I've had even better than Penthouse Magazine painting I got paid for, very precise very delicate and jewel-like colors.

Desktop Wallpaper Philosophy

  Gout my old friend gout a symptom of the season. Not a malaise a walker and biker expects later in life? But eating regular;access to food creates different outcomes, security and a bit o'lard. So be even Picasso was a bit of a tub and Matisse was huge. Rothko big as a truck! I could go on, history tells us that gout is a disease of the eaters not the starving. Off course this food followed severall years of scarce food. food shelf food art for food food.

Sam Gaard Visits (webmaster

   Sam has been traveling and was here last week. He lives in Boulder,CO. He likes the climate and the mountains and he likes his job. He's working on web design as best I can tell. He was a bit heartbroken his long term relationship had given out. He's a very loving man, he helped me even when he was tiny he is very strong. Our family is strong and a bit off center. Anyway it was a treat to have Sam here really a gift. It's November that both my younger boys are born, really snowy cold Novembers in 1983 and 1985.

Mrs. Brancusi takes a piss 1986

  This painting was made on a storm window. It's painted in oils on a storm window an acquaintence of mine traded for it several years back. The work dates from the mid 1980's when I began a long spell of sexual imaging. I was in mid-divorce from my 2nd wife and pissed as much at myself as at her. She was 14 years younger than me and at times it seemed like much more that that time and wisdom wise. The break-up was sort of inevitable given our differences and our different desires.

How I Lost My Art (blog ) THINKY ART

 Kate Iverson (illustration thumbnail) -  My wife Pam and I painted portraits of  Kate a couple weeks back and posted them to Facebook and our web sites since. It's always fun to add to our gallery of mugs. I put up our double portrait Pam's portrait of Kate is to the left of mine the bigger painting. This is a bit of an experiment to see if I can get these jpgs to both appear. I was more technical years ago when Max and Sam were children (my sons ) now I feel the technology has eclipsed my abilities to deal with some of it.

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