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Swan Song { with instructions } or Franky's Way

 Feb. 19, 2013 Frigid Minneapolis - Curators out buying fur coats , collector's with tax man. Museums on auto-play. Bad movies everywhere you look.

Elianna and Rafi 2012-3 (Simultaneous Painting)

Elianna and Rafi are to marry this year.  They commissioned my wife Pamela and I to paint a simultaneous portrait of them. Pamela my partner in this bifurcated experiment. Two artists two portraits -   I was trying to put this pair of portraits together on the screen. Call me romantic the bride (fomerly of Abbott Avenue South now Brooklyn NY) and the groom we know nothing about him or I don't ,save he had Red Wing boots . Just more New York and Brooklyn. More to follow.

Yiddish Phone Sex 1999

 This painting and collage on linen finished in 1999. Called Satanic Housekeeping by Walker Art Center( present owner of this object). Trying to get some focus as temps drop all day. Arctic art zone - ICEPATROL-ARTPOLICE -  is that a palidrome or whatever many years ago Al Peters figured it out the same letters in the word Artpolice are in the word Icepatrol hence our disclosure of place by being the hidden Icepatrol. You see the oddness of this all? We have a lot of winter here in neu Sweden. Time sweeps past and bits and pieces are left in her wake.

How I Write Such Beautiful Nonsense

 I began to understand things better as I got older not that that was all that helpful. Seems many people take the path of least resistence  like electric current no point in connecting with dead wires. However at some point in one's thinking the thought of self vanishing ( the most personal version of the end of the world) of the infinity of nothingness that lays before us. An urgency took hold of me as an artist as a young man in search of pony dancers and plain girls who have spent many hours in libraries and cooks of all descriptions.

Rafi & Angela / at the end of the world

 OK proceeding carefully due to malfunctions and my own daydream of arting. When I was younger I was obsessed with the idea of the end of the world. Most especially when I was psychotic and pre-post psychotic in the mid 1970's. I became obsessed with Hebrew Mysticism and the Kabbalah. I have a small library of books just on this subject area. The thing about this obsession was it was really a symptom of my crisis in life. I was at an odd crossroads where all the options were onerus.

Eternal Return / How Frankie Learned to Art

Yo, long time no blog, my webmaster and son Sam here on Thanksgiving visit gets my blog to work again. I had some good ideas which perished in a couple of blog crashes, now Sam says the blog is attached to a different type of server that allows one blog site to crash without taking all the other blogs on that server with it. // So I was writing about a large painting that I made in 1970 entering the collections at the Walker Art Center just as I pushed save the text vanished into the electronic abyss.

Why I Like Dick Tracy

When I was a kid Dick Tracy was the lead comic in the Chicago Tribune, the Tribune was the voice of conservative Republican politics. And the Tracy comic reflected the law and order viewpoint of the Tribune which endorsed Dick Nixon and Barry Goldwater. The editorial content of the paper permeated everything including the comics . Dick Tracy always got his man and his very silhouette struck fear in the criminals he pursued in serial fashion.

Little Franky Artist of The Wild Frontier 2012

 The wild frontier was a Davy Crockett lyric, he was the King of The Wild Frontier. Jack Kennedy used frontier as a political metaphor as his New Frontier, the first president to be born in 20th century. And he was Irish Catholic which of course means he was from Boston, Harvard of course. But I was taken with the concept of new frontiers and most especially in outer space, the moon explorations were a Kennedy interest. So I was thinking about being a little boy. I was a good kid albeit mouthy, I was typical Finnlander a real storyteller. My father wanted me to shut up.

How Rothko became a brand

 Art about art is nothing new but it's been a part of my work most of my career. I am a post-modern I was born too late to be part of the big shows that make modern art such a vivid style, even later styles such as abstract expressionism were done before I arrived. Pop art was the reigning style and I loved it and dived right in wouldn't you? /// Recently I thought out loud about how much my art was formed by this post-modern age, and I think making art about art is one constant throughout the history of art.

The Museum Without Weiners

  Stu Mead visited Vienna at the time of a big language art show at the Kunsthalle Wien. Toni Stoos the curator showed Stu through the show and our vitrine of Artpolice and Man Bag zines/ 1993  thanks to Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw for facilitating exhibition. Stu was in Austria from his home base in Berlin. Stu was so natural about seeing his art in such a bone hard venue, such a coup. Stoos xeroxed more copies of the Man Bag when the supply ran out a lovely intervention.

 Victorine Meurend (Meurent) Manet's favorite model beyween 1862-1875

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