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Curators blog No.1.

New pc better WORD oi, the power of coherence . I wanted to tell some curator stories since I've been under scrutiny for some time by these exhibition makers. Remember one's encounters with curators, art writers are brief by the nature of things, They travel it's the perk of the curator and the bane (more on that later) they see a lot of art more than I would ever want to see .

More Stories {Why I love Fra Angelico}

Went with my son to Micro Center yesterday and bought a new pc. So this is my first blog written on this new machine. I was thinking about the Italian painter Fra Angelico whom I have always loved . In particular I was remembering a grant proposal I made to copy one of his famous altarpieces in my own figurative style. I did eventually do some compositions inspired by his altar pieces in the 1980's which were successful to some extent although I doubt whether anyone would see the influence of Angelico. I liked the readymade compositions and cast of characters in these paintings.

Portraits of Jim D. and Steven I. 2013

These are portraits made in Novenber and December the portrait of Jim D. may still change and I may photograph it again when it settles.  Portraits are from live sittings of between two and nearly three hours. And then painted later often using photographs from sittings .  41 X 29.5 " 2013

We'll Meet in Paris in The Spring

The future turned out different  than I expected. Many of the same artists who were famous in the 1960's are still famous ,still selling and exhibiting though they are quite dead. Dead doesn't seem to stop one's career in visual arts indeed it maybe easier without the artist around to say things and do things that may upset the clients. Years ago a typical tombstone advertisement in an art magazine would note the artists represented who were deceased, it might say Estate of so and so now however dead artists are just marketed without notice of this change of status .

MADE HERE - E-Block ( Shinder's neon )

News - My Neon sign lost in sale of Shinder's property at 8th several years back. My sign was on Hennepin Avenue Shinders for many years at it's original location at 7th and Hennepin (see photo above). The glass was bent by Beth Juliar a neon artist in TC and a friend of Chris Woodward an Artpolice founding member. This photo was taken May 1, 2007 the day I married Pamela.   @ Shinder's window .

MADE HERE E Block Hennepin at 6th (with Pamela Gaard ) A little history will not kill you.

Installation E-Block (with Pam Gaard)

Exhibition on E-Block in windows of closed businesses, sponsored by Hennepin Theatre Trust . The installation of the simultaneous portraits I do with my wife Pamela are on 6th Street opposite the old arts building and near the new Cowles Dance Center on Hennepin Avenue in the heart of downtown Minneapolis U$A.. This exhibition was organised by independent curator Joan Vorderbruggen who is a tireless worker in the effort to create a better more open situation for the artists in this region. The window I share with my spouse Pamela is on the 6th street near the bus stop on Hennepin Avenue.

Blog in browser (Nose Wallpaper)

 Saturday  - How do we commoditify human grief? Everything has a price save that which is priceless hence all art is a bargain.

Dr. Edyth Bassler Bush

BLOG FROM  from pirate WORD made while internet was out of order  ( no internet after attacks on Syria!) or was it threats of attacks ? Listening to Jay Z which is kind of like listening to everybody. Given how eclectic rap has become in morfing into pop rap – that song on the radio “this woman’s on fire” something like that young singer, on fire with her hit song. All of us remember the power of a hit song.  I’m not big into Jay Z he seems the favorite of my younger boys. I like more nasty raps, lately one song from 2 Chainz has been in heavy rotation.

Last Things (Don Giovanni 3rd act)

If life is but a dream then art is the reality show?  A movie made of still pictures. Don't ask me you'll get a binary response, I'm just too French in the mind for these midwestweners, spawn of the hayseed hippies. No ambition here save to prosper but always at the expense of someone else's cheap labor. The institutions prosper continue to thrive and exist indeed this is a great town for art if your a museum or arts foundation. But commercial galleries fail, DIY galleries fail but never the big box art museums. How could this state of affairs change?

Drone arts - Woodpecker Philosophies

I like animals. I don't like to take care of them say like the family dog when I was a kid. I liked horses riding horse yes very fine thing to do and enjoy. Plus girls and horses is the name of one game or version of a game of pony love. So this love and that love create a certain opening for other animals like say the woodpecker. Woodpeckers are noisy let's get past that quickly. Down by the river in the Spring the woodpeckers make quite a lot of racket. Wakes you up, you think someone is hammering or worse a nail gun on a nearbye roof!

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