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Regards writing during gout - When Love Becomes Poison Part II

 The piece ( WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON )-  I think it was the gout writing not I.

Though I stand by the statements and fantasies.  Berlin for a gentleman born in 1944 was a place of places. Further being born after the second world war was anti-climatic but Viet-Nam was like an extra part of WW II now over in Asia. China won.

When Love Turns To Poison or When being becomes ego

 In 2004 my friend and partner Stu Mead invited me into an art exhibition in Berlin where he lives. The gallery. The gallery was in Kreuzberg where Stu lives indeed where many artists live along side a large number of Turks. The gallery was a funded space as Mike Kelley used to call gallery space with money enough to do shows. I was excited to be sending a crate of art to Berlin, Europe is the home of my family. Anyway a terrible controversy arose as the show WHEN LOVE TURNS TO POISON suffice it to say we got alot of attention, almost all negative.

On Truth and Picture Making

Truth is the issue for art, but in a peculiar weave, an embedded truth deep in the art through a serious gaze  comes the curious bits of insight we name truth. When you first try to understand the riddle of modern art you are led about as if by a nonsensical game. So many strains so many different paths taken, how is one to know things when the things themselves are subject to change without notice? I made some sweeping judgements most especially regards DADA that have paid off in a sort of theory of inventions, what was the greatest aesthetic invention?


I had my first outbreak of organic bi-polar brain disorder (madness) in 1974. I was hospitalized that year and the next two years always during the growing season, mania is a warm weather issue for me. Huge depressions followed, finally in 1978 I began Lithium therapy and I was myself again. Well after a fashion like my old self. Thing is knowledge of one's madness creates certain possibilities and of course fear of recurrence.

A Little Bit Personal

I was born in 1944 in Chicago. My father was an immigrant from Norway and my mother was a farmer's daughter from the upper penisula of Michigan, she grew up in a family that spoke Finn and couldn't live without a sauna. I was a student at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago for four years at the time it seemed like the school was over run with fairies. The I went to school in Oakland at the California College of Arts and Crafts to stay out of harm's way (Vietnam era).

Marcel Duchamp - A Snowshovel Story

The common wisdom now is that just as Picasso dominated the first half of the 20th century and  Duchamp dominated the second half of that century. Of course I'd go further and suggest that Picasso was more a 19th century artist who did his best work early in the 20th century and was a part of a celebrity culture that made him into more than he actually was. Duchamp seems much more a creature of our times, born the same year the bicycle was invented, he had some humility that was quite unusual in the heady days of early modernism.

Nietzsche is good for you

I like my philosophy incomplete, like life we leave before the whole story is told.The sense of life as passage even as a long strange trip (quoting the Grateful Dead) works with my conception of reality as a less than tidy narrative.

I Did Teach 1969-87

I did teach, I became very disillusioned with art schools. I had a handful of creative teachers in almost 6 years of  my so-called higher education. I can think of only 2 teachers who were helpful. During the time I was teaching I felt that I was out of step, that it was as blind leading the blind proposition. Thing was though that the 1970's were very exciting times for intellectuals,Foucault was being published in English.

So Many Portraits

The portraits are the largest category and they do not record all the pictures,some just vanished, some were sold before they were photographed an accurate accounting may never exist.The quality of the jpgs vary many are not good save as a documentary item. Some of the earliest portraits are on transparencies.

Dirty Pictures

The first iteration of my web site was full of sexual images, while this new version contains fewer sexual images this material goes back to the lil' magazine MAN BAG that  my partner Stu Mead and I produced in the late 1990's. Man Bag was an underground success and it helped us both to have a bit more paint and food.The European audience was esspecially appreciative of the Man Bag's kinkiness and it's attitude which was very profoundly anti politically correct.

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