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A Blog Is Not A Letter

I've written many letters in my life. Maybe too many but suffice it to say I'm familiar with the form of a letter whether personal or impersonal. I've thought the blog was close to a letter in form save that the recipient is unknown. And this has been an issue for me it's very much like writing in the dark to whom am I speaking I ask myself as I reveal personal material that perhaps I should not reveal in such a public way. After all blogs get around even if we don't quite know where and who reads them.

Different but Similar

Some portraits old and new ,differenty and similar. end pic blog

Pics in order - 1.David B & Iman 2016, 2.Two Pete D. (with Pam Gaard) 2016, 3. Robyne Robinson portrait some years ago when she was still on Fox - News TC. 4. My son Sam Gaard at MFA (in Boston) with portrait of Victorine Meurent by Manet. 5. Lady down the block -Theresa and Seraphine in her Navy uniform 2006, 6. Rhesa Schwrtz. early portrait maybe 2004-5, 7 The Only Good Artist Is A Dead Artist 2016 and self-portrait also 2016,Portrait of Sam Gaard 2011.

Repeating myself until my ticket is punched.

 The land of the Bungalows and the home of the hot dish.  I'm a fish out of water . I left Chicago because it was too violent and too wild for my sanity. Too over done bursting with vulgar energy and ambition. Fat City your name is Chicago. The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where I attended as an art student was so sleepy and behind the times that it seemed like a TwiLight Zone episode. My 99 year old anatomy teacher Ms. Cassidy had given Georgia O'Keefe her anatomy instruction earler in her tenure.  Point is my paintings are much too big!

Notes on Diverse Projects

 The portrait of Ms Kate Worum and her photo of me in the studio the day I painted her.. Second Jpg. screen capture from promotional notice about book (Stu Mead my Man Bag partner is the subject of a new book about his art  produced  in Berlin). While the text excerpt is odd the bibiliography is fine. The photo taken by a professional erotic photographer the model holds our Man Bag Magazine in her hands her body a frame a context.Of all the pictures I showed in Mike Kelley's graduate studio class in Pasadena, this was the only photo to cause alarm.

Portraits old and new (Bipolar disorders)

Bi-Polar portraits was how I named the portraits in the mid-1980's when they began.

 All portraits on paper same paper BFK Rives  41 X 29.5 "  acrylics graphite (some with collage)

 Interested in Manet to begin with his portraits of Victorine Meurent

 influenced by Peter Saul and reading way too much philosophy.

models in portraits herein - Kathy Halbreich by magical channeling through model S.B. 1992-3 -

also includes close up of green eyes. blondes - 3. Portrait of Mary Czerwinski 2015, Portrait of Kate W. 2015

When I say slowly I mean as soon as possible. Joseph Beuys

The politician says we need more welders and fewer philosophers. I say we need more philosophers and more robot welders. Philosophy is not so difficult as people suppose. My father was a very philosophical man though he only had a third grade education (the requirement for immigrants in the late 1930's), He lived a life much more tumultuous than I coming here in a rusty tub from Norway and finding his way to his mom's place in Chicago without any English. His mom had answered an advertisement in a newspaper in Norway of a widowed farmer in Minnesota looking for a wife.

Difficult Competition (brutal)

 Downtown this morning boy looks pretty desolate on Nicollet Mall all ripped up lots of shops closed the upscale building now has a Walgreens and a bank .The Kid's GAP shop gone indeed the Mall seems in transition to a more affordable existence . More beggars more desperate looking folks at library in general a transition seems well underway towards downtown being more like it was before Saks Fifth Avenue was up and running. The Office Depot is closed only the Marshall's basement store seems to be thriving.

Pitching art shows

 This photo shows the odd nature of this show and it's paradoxical bipolar nature. My tendency towards excess and the Walker Art Center's protocol of spareness. Elizabeth Carpenter ( curator of Poison and Candy WAC 2012) tried to control the installation as I tried to tilt it towards some incoherent beauty rarely seen at the museum. As a living contemporary artist and a student of art history and critical literatures I wanted to transform the work into a giant total work (gesamtkunstwerk ) to try to loosen the musem's control over the interpretation of the huge exhibition.

July 4 , 2015

Portrait of Noah Harmon a young artist who asked to pose. Pam's portrait of Noah is still unfinished often we do not finish simultaneously.I haven't been blogging very much but I've thought about what I might write about if I were not writing in a linear Tele Novella style like discourse like  Socrates. Linear writing is very useful but in poetry and novels what all you have reach for ever more explicit ways to say the same things over and over.

Everything old is new again /Gumball Collective

 Recent installations using my painted disks in simple installations.

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