farkakte schtuss - My father thought most of everything was BULLSHIT .


The Yiddish Phone Sex Report - Vhat kin of shoes are you vearig? What's with women and their shoes? Even flipflops are in various styles and price ranges. Bullshit is what is killing this world lies and exaggerations. Art is really subject to the bullshit like nothing else, because after all it's the jewel of our cultural heritage. Tis the fruit of our free country free of peace for sure. An issue of Artforum was themed for museums, what is going on in the museum? Several articles explained the issues and the hopes and fears of the museum directors curators et al. The musum in Chicago that I grew up in was a shelter and it had a sort of secret life as a place like no other. They ( A.I.C.) have a gigantic Caravaggio in this large gallery for Italian and Spanish painting, the size of the painting and the scale of the figures and the realism oi, it's very awe inspiring and a little frightening, the light in the painting is very extreme as mannerist and baroque paintings tend to be. But when you are younger it's even more daunting ( you think thixs is what you must do to make art?) and the museum is full of works that set the bar very high. But now the museums seem less inhabited 40 years of emphasis on a science/ math curriculum seem to have dampened down art and music education in public schools.