Drone arts - Woodpecker Philosophies


I like animals. I don't like to take care of them say like the family dog when I was a kid. I liked horses riding horse yes very fine thing to do and enjoy. Plus girls and horses is the name of one game or version of a game of pony love. So this love and that love create a certain opening for other animals like say the woodpecker. Woodpeckers are noisy let's get past that quickly. Down by the river in the Spring the woodpeckers make quite a lot of racket. Wakes you up, you think someone is hammering or worse a nail gun on a nearbye roof!

 Woodpeckers are one of my favorite animals - what can I say? I was quite taken with Woody Woodpecker in his cartoons. His call oi ! His yell DA DA DADA DA.. You know this it's deep in the Jungian pre-psych. I like his colors sort of patriotic for USA,France Norway many countries use red.white and blue stripes in flags. As for the cartoon ponies, I confess it was to attract little girls to my big show at the WalkerArtCenter last year. In vain hopes that they're mothers would buy them some art ponies. It sort of was the early modern art angle as well Franz Marc's horses Blue Horses like the famous early modern painting in the Walker Permanent Collection. the painting perhaps the single most valuable work in their collection. If they sold it it would be a huge sale, an epic event in greed and folly. It's early 20th century they (Walker are weak in early 20th century art whilst the Institute of Arts has a quite wonderful early modern collection). Recently the Blue Horse were placed in the context of the MIA early 20th century works gallery briefly but it was gorgeous. Year before last, or longer ago? Thing is so much great art is stored forever it seems like the giant Sigmar Polke  Autumn and her daughter not seen in years. Perhaps the museums are too small? Anyway same goes for many people's fave art that lanquishes in storage. Storage is a step up from the dustbin but it's not up with the lights on  either. This is all my inner woodpecker speaking, I just eat bugs I peck out of trees what do I know?

Woody Post Script - These large sheets of BFK (41 X 29.5") prices start at $1200. I have used for portraits collages signs other works show a recent example above. and my faux woodpecker in the bushes outside a studio  window hoping it will attract woodpeckers for me to observe.