Dog bite stops world again


Imagine your baby children in buggy attacted by lil' varmit dogs and giant pre-historic wolfie-hounds, is it hard to imagine yourself fending off these sharp teethed midgets? What about invisible fencing, as used in Israel. I've seen invisible fencing it's pretty cool the dogs are completely obedient to the invisible fence, unless you are walking with a dog then a more profound test is given the invisible fence. Why we keep the dogs around us I don't know? Seems a bit of a throwback to the caves where your beast was your door. The idea of being caught by nature in her grip as with the dog bite is the concept of being re-taken by nature. Which is to say drawn back into a more primordial state, like the fear we have of snake bites or spider bites. Where in Nietzsche does the madman first appear? Scholars say he never wrote after he became insane. But sometimes a world view can be so at odds with reality that it constitutes an alternative state - Zarathustra is a very unusual construction for a late 19th century philosopher. Nietzsche wants a world more like Pre-Socratic Greece, where philosophy sorts itself out from other things. Heraclitus points in the direction of an accidental world, a world where any wave will take you there. A world without much reason much less reason for, reason like jelly applied thickly to disguise the stale bread it sits upon. I became interested in philosophy when I was painting as in making art paintings. This arises this odd congruence of interests from questions I had about existence and things about language, I wanted to make my language better more precise. At the same time I read alot of poetry, it became the twin passion to my love of philosophy. We heard how painting was a language so I set out to make language in art more visible and more thoughtful if not incendiary, blow up the cliche's. And then music, the music of the studio which is to say an artist who paints listens to alot of music, radio recordings. I like opera though I'm not a big fan, I only have patience for the singing, when I first was hear I listened mostly to classical radio, which is ok but I think it was a sign I was cracking! I came here the year Led Zeppelin broke out, the kids loved it. I liked the Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol's house band, I used to think if you were an ambitious artist you'd want to do things the way Andy Warhol did them. That was partly why I wanted the Artpolice Comics I wanted a magazine like Andy Warhol had (Interview). And Nico was such a whiner with the runny nose, life is such a struggle. Velvet Underground were an environment. And we were all making silkscreens in Sonia Sheridans classes, silkscreening was another thing Warhol brought back, made hot. Things is you never know what's what til your story is almost over. Old men have seen scene change frequently but still certain ideas how on.Surprise me, take me someplace pretty draw something real !