Curator blog No.2


Collage of Kathy Halbreich and OJ and his ex. 1995 - I was going to rush ahead but I wanted to do this chronologically wish maybe impossible for a writer like myself. I'm still trying to write first person which is like remembering all the while. I was painting in a garage near the Mississippi River it was a 2 1/2 car garage that Mike McCoy a painter friend of mine helped me insulate (what a fucking piece of work that was). I was going to put in a gas line from the house to warm the space but I didn't have the money for that at that moment. I painted a large work in the garage entitled TO WERS OF FUCKING SILENCE -    the gallerist asks," Do you really want to use that title?".  Yes I say it is the title. 1995 was the summer of the Infamous OJ Simpson murder trial in Los Angeles and as my interest in Kathy Halbreich's Walker Art Center was also increasingly, Matthew Barney time at WAC. My relationship with Kathy was more correspondence than visiting. First writing in the snailmail later email, -to be continued-