Capitalism is still theft


 Yiddish phone sex - long story - Sex is an ocean. My work has always had sexual content even in disguise for times when free speech is more dangerous. Even my fascination with the Hebrew mystical traditions had a very sexual dimension for me. The Sefiroths are gendered my images in the spheres are either men or women but not mixed together. A non-verbal ( which I consider myself not having a deep grasp of writing of grammar even). No I try to write from same place I paint in and draw in . in someways I think I am a savant or what my dear Mom would call some one who is "touched". My mother had an abiding affection for the Jews she told me many times how much she loved and trusted Jewish people. She worked waiting tables in a gambling den in Chicago and the customers were all Jewish men . They loved Alice the farmer's daughter cute as a movie star. They would cry when they lost and they would give Mom big tips when the won. Of course I'm writing short hand here , this was a very friendly romantic employment one of the jobs she liked. But I took it to heart about the Jews, Mom I trust your judgement and at some point in my long struggle I came across Kabbalah and I was hooked,

 My mother's name was Tiny Alice Stone, Tiny is English for her Finnish name Taime but it means tiny she was called Tiny and later just Alice.She was not religious but she sent us to Sunday School more my Dad he had family in Salvation Army business. Anyway she was more spiritual more in touch with vibes and her feelings. I was her first birth and we both nearly bought the farm that day. Within the next few years her Schzoid psychosis set in. Long story short - She inspired me to become an artist she believed I could do it. Unfailing love deep help  and I will always be blessed to have had such a supportive parent. She was my school. My best pal my confidant my first fan.

Susan Sontag wrote about illness as metaphor and I suppose my iterations are similar different disease same issues. Madness comes in different sizes. My mother was disabled by her madness, ultimately her life much shorter than a normal span. And I've had my troubles albeit not as disabling as my Mom's disease. But it made me stronger that I survived my episodes well I was changed by madness and by it's demi-cures . I do think as well that studying philosophy and poetry helped me become well and the Kabbalistic investigations helped me reassemble my consciousness and my soul. 

Sex our sex is what we make of it. For some people sexuality is a second language. For others money is the only language just kidding, no I understand that our sex is very deep and dark and difficult and wonderful. And it is an ocean if alternative life is anywhere it is in sexing. But as the Buddhists or is it the Hindus or The Tea Party Republicans  say DESIRE IS THE DESTROYER! I'm going to write more about sex visavis my art. Since that seems to be how I got here.