Gout my old friend gout a symptom of the season. Not a malaise a walker and biker expects later in life? But eating regular;access to food creates different outcomes, security and a bit o'lard. So be even Picasso was a bit of a tub and Matisse was huge. Rothko big as a truck! I could go on,… Read More


   Sam has been traveling and was here last week. He lives in Boulder,CO. He likes the climate and the mountains and he likes his job. He's working on web design as best I can tell. He was a bit heartbroken his long term relationship had given out. He's a very loving man, he helped me even when… Read More


  This painting was made on a storm window. It's painted in oils on a storm window an acquaintence of mine traded for it several years back. The work dates from the mid 1980's when I began a long spell of sexual imaging. I was in mid-divorce from my 2nd wife and pissed as much at myself as at… Read More


  This image which is a crop from a painting I never finished or was unhappy with that has been flowing about online thanks to Stu Mead and some pals of his in London. It is a large web of associations of artist who nominate other artists to be in… Read More


 Kate Iverson (illustration thumbnail) -  My wife Pam and I painted portraits of  Kate a couple weeks back and posted them to Facebook and our web sites since. It's always fun to add to our gallery of mugs. I put up our double portrait Pam's portrait of Kate is to the left of mine the bigger… Read More