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New Jpgs. Forget Mondrian-Grant Hart portrait - Robyn's "Trimethylamine- Blog surf -Storm Window Widow

 Trimethylamine is a chemical which arises as an odor(fragrance) from the vaginal secretions as  one might find in a woman's dirty panties and or in decaying fish. . Now there is an opening sentence. The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art (an anthology of the zine Stu Mead and I published between 1991-1998). This is the third iteration of this material. Three editions were produced by Pakito Bolino in Marseille and now this new edition from in Prague/London 2017. So this new edition is a literal reproduction of all six zines.

Introducing Hassan Nor

 My wife Pamela first introduced me to Hassan Nor  a few years ago and I have enjoyed his art work and think it's deserving of more exposure and celebration here and elsewhere among people who love painting and drawing and color. Like my father Nor is an immigrant and his gift in the language of visual art is extraordinary, he's an elder Somali man who came here before the war in Somalia and has quietly been making his luminous painted and drawn works for several years in his small apartment on the South side of Minneapolis.

Dream Blog- Always Daydreaming as I walk to get the newspapers.

Pics in reverse order- Man Bag zine, cover Kalypso in black andWhite 2. Pollock pink version from Walker Art Center calendar Feb. 2012

3. Jpg also Pollock endorsement of FRANK GAARD. $. The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art - 2017 Divus/London/Prague/Berlin.

5. Kalypso - 1992 oil on canvas  Collection of Minneapolis Institute of Art / Contemporary Art

 My dreams can be very unsetting often the element of terror and anxiety at high pitch. I awaken to escape from nightmares.

Blog Doubt - Forget Duchamp -Sephiroths - ( Austrian Art Magazine 2017)

Thinking my blog should become more critical or become more focused on art criticism . Then I step back and think that's just more work

more confusion.The political situation seems very fraught with anxiety and fear. But haven't we been here before? Doesn't the perpetual war

in this world grind on and on.

Has politics become part of the entertainment industry? And art sweet art something very few can make a living from though

Photos from Andy Baird 1977 Artpolice

Thes photos by Andy Baird were taken in 1977 at Jim Dewitt's studio on 38th Street just off Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. Ed Rath with silkscreen stencil for Artpolice logo designed by his brother Johnny Rath.  Photo of Chris Woodward and another of Fritz Wolfmeyer  looking at the then brand new Artpolice with a three color cover. Also photo of Andy and me. Thinking about Artpolice as we start work on a Best of Artpolice Book with publisher Divus in Prague.

The Return of The Man Bag

 Man Bag was a zine project that Stu Mead and I brought out at the very end of the Artpolicecomics run. Artpolice was a drawing zine and it had a very diverse content and many contributors. The regular crew changed over the years and included many one shots by artists we came to know. Over 20 years it became a sort of outsider institution. For myself as the center of the network it ultimately became a gig, no matter how broke I was somehow we managed to get the book together and distributed 3 times a year.

When Art Becomes Rigid ( Tales of Man Bag)

Stu Mead and I sort of tumbled in together in the late days of The Artpolice Comics when he was killing it nearly every issue finally a talent worthy of our ArtpoliceComics legends ( Ed Rath, Chris Woodward Joe McDonnell Andy Baird and the late Fritz Wolfmeyer). Stu Mead recreated the Artpolice Comics as a edgy younger sex obsessed zine what it had been in the early years when McDonnell's cartoon was censored by the art school. Artpolice had a great deal of talent but it was elsewhere mostly Ed and Chris in Brooklyn and other contributors were scattered throughout the USA.

Way Out West of the Mississippi River

 1. First picture - "Mondrian's Snowshovel in The Villa of Mysteries" 1984 - oil on canvas 2. "A Map of the  History of My Career on Panties" 1996 acrylic on canvas 3. Swan on VW Hubcap - after 2000 acrylic on ,laser print on hubcap.

Hottest Days ( art museums have good air conditioning)

 When I was a kid the hot summers in Chicago were something to be reckoned with very little air condidtioning outside of theaters and drug stores and bars. Indeed the time spent in the theater on weekends was often the coolest time of the week. I can remember reading MAD Magazine in the drug store all cool as a cucumber. Or picking up my mom's Hollywood Confidential magazine at the same drug store. I ran a lot of errands getting cigarettes for my dad (Camels 25 cents a pack).

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