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If you divide something over and over eventually you have next to nothing, Im not thinking hedge funds but something like that. Apparently alot of hedge fund operators collected contemporary art. Not now though, although these new means to prosper will likely continue and enlarge as the time… Read More


Imagine your baby children in buggy attacted by lil' varmit dogs and giant pre-historic wolfie-hounds, is it hard to imagine yourself fending off these sharp teethed midgets? What about invisible fencing, as used in Israel. I've seen invisible fencing it's pretty cool the dogs are completely… Read More


Lost yesterday's blog,frustrating ideas up in smoke. I'm not very gifted in the digital arts, plus I'm old and romantic still imagine films where something happens that should'nt happen as in old noir films. When I stayed with Mike McCoy in Venice a few years back we drove past Dennis Hopper's… Read More


I was just finished with grad school when my first son was born, they called when I was working the night shift at the Oakland Post Office. Peter was born around 7 in the am.  When he got older he'd say he kept me out of the war as if that was reason number one for his existing. I beat the… Read More


In Cody Books in Berkeley you could buy little books written by the Viet Cong these publications were intended to find new comrades and cadre. I remember by friend Steve (special forces) saying that these books were all propaganda and I thought this freedom of the press is a great concept.… Read More