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I grew up in Chicago during the time Pepsi Cola was the pop of choice. In the morning we'd search for empty pop bottles in the alley (worth 2 cents each) then a 12 oz. bottle of pop was 8 cents . So you'd need to find at least 4 or 5 empty bottles and another couple for a 5 cent bag of chips.… Read More


Capital you have to have some money to make art. When I started in the 1960's you could do alot with a small amount of money. Art school at the art institute's college was under $2000 a year! In the art schools you were pretty much left alone, I remember Ray Yoshita was my 4th year sponsor and I… Read More


 Went to see 1964 an exhibition of contemporary art made in that year the curator is Siri Enberg whose been at the Walker a long while. Anyway I was excited to see this show because 1964 was a big year for me art school was different after pop art popped. The show had a… Read More


Greetings Humans - From high over your art museums we suck your masterpieces up into our rocket ships .In the early 1980's the art school I worked at was suddenly fabulous for a brief interval in time. It was the French Deconstructive theory hitting a small midwestern art school arts department… Read More


I wrote a blog for Sammy the Administrator formerly webmaster (which always sounded like S & M with spiders hence the WEBMASTER not unlike Spiderman only more kinky) yea so the writing vanished I must have hit the wrong button on the laptop. I've been thinking about the tech… Read More