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The Yiddish Phone Sex Report - Vhat kin of shoes are you vearig? What's with women and their shoes? Even flipflops are in various styles and price ranges. Bullshit is what is killing this world lies and exaggerations. Art is really subject to the bullshit like nothing else, because after all it'… Read More


I'm giving a talk about Artpolice, Artpolice was a little magazine I produced for 20 years starting in 1974, yea it was 36 years ago, very pre-digital indeed the Vietnam War was finally in it's end game. But we were assassinating foreign leaders per the example of The President of Chile Allende… Read More

How I came to be here in the Land of Sky Blue Waters may have begun when I was a boy sitting on a bar stool looking at the Hamm's Beer sign across from the bar. Hamm's was The Land of Sky Blue Waters brand and as I looked at the image on the back lighted sign I'd imagine myself in that mystical… Read More

The radio studio was stuffy and warm but otherwise comfortable as if you were in North Afrikan indie radio station. So I was trying my best but my microphone technique was poor. And I was getting excited at times, you know 16 years after the demise of Artpolice it's suddenly cheese? It's this… Read More

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