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  These creepy guys in Navy blue sports coats caught my attention outside the Walker Cinema where the curators were giving a presentation about Yves Klein I saw at least three of these cats and they had on this little red thing around their necks that is a badge meaning they are… Read More


  Whoa! Republicans on the verge of congressional majorities, scary monsters our Taliban. GOP platform military build-up and cut taxes for the corporate buddies who help us scare the populace about those FDR loving Liberal Demon-crats! So as a result of this election we are apt to have a… Read More


At Walker yesterday, Yves Klein exhibition next in main temporary exhibition galleries 4,5,and 6 in Barnes Tower.

Stay tuned for reports on IKB and other related topics. As to the void it's always there always available the void is the one thing you need to get it on… Read More


 A young man was pleading with me for sex in art school. As if I had it, sex that is. My strange adventures in the Land of Hebrew Princesses and Human doormats begins with Miss Jaffe my 8th grade teacher who though she was a Jew her hair was bright red like fire. She was rather voluptuous… Read More


 Pamela and I just had some delicious Mid-Eastern Cuisine next out of the parking lot and driving by my window full of art you know it's art because you don't know what it is. Those could be artist's names (Yves Klein, Sigmar Polke, Duchamp I've heard of him isn't he the one who invented Joke… Read More